December 7, 1941
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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United States Navy
Ships in Pearl Harbor
Where were the Aircraft Carriers?
ph_bb-48_west_virginia.jpg (59143 bytes)
USS West Virginia (BB-48)
sunk but still upright with colors flying. USS Tennessee inboard.
Air Raid on Pearl Harbor
United States Marine Corps
Location of Units and Aircraft 

United States Coast Guard

USS Shaw (DD-373)
explodes in the floating dry dock in Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  Picture taken from Ford Island.
Pearl Harbor ship locations
Route of first attack by IJN aircraft
Route of second attack by IJN aircraft
Casualties - USS West Virginia Site (off site)
What the chaplains were doing

USS Oglala (CM-4)
, mine sweeper, sunk at pier of Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  Seams sprung by a torpedo that hit the USS Helena (CA-75) at left.
After Action Report
NAS Kaneohe - 8 Dec 1941
Additional Links
USS Arizona Association (off site)

Wheeler Field. 
Imperial Japanese Navy photo of Wheeler Army Air Field.  Note aircraft neatly lined up to "prevent sabotage." 
Harbor Tug Deck Log - 7 Dec 1941

  ph_nas_ford_island.jpg (41205 bytes)
Ford Island.
Imperial Japanese Navy photo of Ford Island attack. Battleship row is at 12 o'clock above the island.
Further Reading
Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, Report of 15 Febuary 1942 (Off Site)

Other 7 December 1941 Photographs