United States Navy
Aviation Squadron

Squadron names are culled from various Navy publications and internet references.  See references below.

Squadron designations/numbers are NOT in lineal order.

Nicknames date to the earliest days of naval aviation.  A name may be in simultaneous use by multiple squadrons.  Many squadrons either had no nickname or the name is unknown.  References vary with two word names or compound word names - Sea Hawks and Seahawks - with the more common use listed.  Names appear variously in the singular and plural noun forms - Blue Goose and Blue Geese - with the plural form more common.

As with squadron patches there are official and unofficial names recorded - CNO approved names and nicknames with local flavor and meaning - to confuse history buffs.  Any name found in the reference documents is listed.

This page came about as a reference to help identify squadron patches. This list is neither complete nor without error.   Your suggestions and corrections are welcomed by email to mailbuoy at this domain.

Aardvarks VF-114
Aces VF-171
Air Barons VF-725, VA-725, VA-8, VA-209
Airwolves HSL-40, HSM-40
Arabs VA-115
Arch Angels HC-5, HSL-31
Argonauts VA-147, VFA-147
Armed Keepers of the Peace VF-112
Axemen VAQ-309
Bandits VF-126, VQ-11
Barn Owls VA-215
Bats VT-27, VF(N)-90, VAH-13, RVAH-13
Batman VA-127, VP-24
Battering Rams VB-82, VA-17A, VA-174
Battle Cats HSL-43, HSM-73
Bear Aces VAW-124
Bears VF-878
Bearcats VF-8A, VF-72, VBF-18
Beasts VT-74, VA-2B
Bellicose Gators VF-822
Be-Devilers VF-10A, VF-74, VF-92
Big Brothers VAW-116
Big Red VP-19, VP-HL-11
Bitter Birds VF-884, VF-144, VF-52
Black Aces VF-3B, VF-41, VFA-41
Black Angels VF-122
Black Cats VF-13, VS-23, VF-733, VP-33, VP-54, VP-91, HC-9
Black Diamonds VA-216
Black Eagles VAW-113
Black Falcons VA-85, VC-2, VP-7, VP-ML-7
Black Jack VP-21
Black Knights VA-16, VF-15A, VA-23, HSC-4, HS-4, HCS-4, VF-151, VF-154, VFA-154, VA-45
Black Lancers VA-64
Black Lightening VP-31
Black Lions VF-116, VF-213
Black Panthers VB-3, VB-3B, VB-4, VF-22A, VA-3A, VA-34, VA-35
Black Ponies VAL-4
Black Rams VB-6
Black Ravens VAQ-135, VQ-6
Black Stallions HC-4
Blackbirds VF-45, VA-45
Blackjacks VP-21, HCS-21, VTC-21
Blackhawks HM-15, VA-2Z1, VA-210
Blacktails VA-146
Bloodhounds VX-30
Blue Alii VC-1, VU-1
Blue Blasters VA-34, VFA-34
Blue Blazers VF-93, VA-93
Blue Bolts VF-172, VA-172
Blue Burglar Wasps VF-7
Blue Diamonds VA-146, VFA-146
Blue Dolphins VF-741, VA-741, VA-2F1, VA-203, VFA-203
Blue Dragons VP-50
Blue Eagles VXN-8
Blue Falcons VC-2, VU-2
Blue Geese VP-HL-2, VP-22
Blue Goose VP-22
Blue Hawks VA-72, HSM-78, VP-67, HAL-5
Blue Knights VF-53, VA-133
Blue Lightning VC-3, VA-32R, VA-831
Blue Nemesis VC-3, VF(AW)-3
Blue Sharks VP-6, VP-ML-6
Blue Raiders VP-116, VP-117 
Blue Tail Flies VF-153, VA-153, VF-831
Blue Wolves VS-35
Bluetails VAW-121
Bobcats VT-24
Bomb-a-Toms VB-74
Bombing Bees VB-75
Bombing Broncos VA-112
Bombing Bunnies VB-9
Bombing Twenty's Tough Kitty VB-20
Boomers VA-165, VT-27
Boomerangs VF-62, VA-56
Boomerangers VS-35, VP-48
Bounty Hunters VF-2, VFA-2
Boxing Pistols VF-45
Broad Arrows VP-62
Broncos VA-112
Bulldogs VB-19, VA-19A
Bullfrogs HC-16
Bulls VA-37, VFA-37
Bulls-Eye Hummers VAW-124
Buzzard Brigade VT-10
Capital Express VR-53
Capital Skyliners VR-48
Carrier Clowns VT-18, VA-8A
Cavaliers VF-22
Challengers VF-43, VA-43, VU-10
Champions VA-56
Chargers VF-161, VFA-161, HC-6, HS-14, HSC-26
Checkertails VAH-11, RVAH-11, VC-5, VU-5, VC-8
Checkmates VF-18A, VS-22, VF-211, VF-172, VBF-82, VA-172
Chessmen VFS-3
Circuit Riders HC-2
Clansmen VA-46
Claw Clan VS-38
Clinchers VA-12
Cobras VAQ-143, VP-60
Cod-Fish Airlines VRC-40
Condors VR-64, VP-64
Conquistadors VR-57
Copperheads VF-16A, VA-54, VF-54, VF-152, VBF-153
Corsair College VA-122
Corsairs VF-24, VA-24
Cosmic Rats VT-10
Cotton Pickers VAW-88
Cougars VAQ-139
Crawfishers VP-94
Crusaders VF-44, VF-81, VC-10 
Cylons VA-127, VFA-127
Dambusters VA-195, VFA-195
Demon Elves HSL-74
Desert Bogeys VF-50, VFA-127
Desert Hawks HSC-26
Devil Cats VFA-127, VF-50
Devil's Diplomats VT-82, VA-18A, VA-175
Devil's Disciples VF-301
Devilfish P-Viators VP-150
Diamondbacks VF-102, VFA-102
Diamond Cutters VS-30
Dirty Birds VA-773
Doerbirds VT-2
Dragon Flyers VU-4, VJ-4
Dragon Patrol VP-7
Dragon Whales HSC-28
Dragonflies VS-29
Dragons VT-2, VT-2B, VT-3, VF-653, VP-56, VA-4A, VA-35
Dragonslayers HS-11, HCS-11, HSC-11
Dust Devils VX-31
Dusty Dogs HS-7, HCS-7, HSC-7
Duty Cats VS-24
Eagle Eyes RVAH-14
Eagles VF-43, VP-16, VS-25, VR-46, VA-115, VFA-115, VA-96
Early Elevens VAW-11, VC-11
Easyriders HSL-37, HSM-37
Eightballers HS-8, HCS-8, HT-8
Electric Horsemen VAQ-34
Emerald Knights HS-75
Eyes of the Fleet VFP-63
Executioners VF-20A, VF-114, VP-93
Exterminators VP-117
Falcons HS-2
Felix the Cat VF-3, VF-3A, VF-6, VF-6B, VF-31
Fighting Aces VF-15, VF-152
Fighting Beavers VF-915
Fighting Escargots VAW-78
Fighting Checkmates VF-211, VFA-211
Fighting Cocks VF-47
Fighting Falcons VF-96, VF-142
Fighting Five Able VF-5A
Fighting Frogs VT-19
Fighting Fools VF-82
Fighting Gators VP-741
Fighting Kangaroos VF-15A, VF-153
Fighting Marlins VP-40, VP-MS-10
Fighting Omars VFC-12
Fighting Phoenix VAQ-128
Fighting Photos VFP-62
Fighting Rebels VF-791
Fighting Red Tails VS-21
Fighting Red Checkertails VF-24
Fighting Redcocks VA-63, VF-63, VA-22, VFA-22
Fighting Renegades VF-24
Fighting Saints VFC-13, VSF-76
Fighting Seahawks VF-126
Fighting Wasps VF-72
Fireballers VAH-8
Firebirds VF-1, VF-41, VF-66, VAW-110, VA-304, VAQ-33
Firebees VC-6
Firefighters VF-661, VA-661
Firehawks HCS-5, HSC-85
Fishhawks VT-75, VA-4B, VA-45?
Fist of the Fleet VA-65, VA-25, VFA-25
Flashbacks VAQ-34
Flashers VF-23
Fleet Angels HU-2, HC-2, HCS-2
Fleet's Finest VP-ML-1
Fleurs VAH-6, RVAH-6
Flying Boars VF-40
Flying Cannons VB-153, VA-15A, VA-154
Flying Chiefs VF-2, VF-2B, VF-2S
Flying Cougars VF-103
Flying Dragons VF-192
Flying Eagles VA-122, VFA-122, VP-57, VP-931
Flying Meataxers VF-31
Flying Phantoms VP-18, VP-861
Flying Ubangis VF-2A, VF-12, VA-12, VBF-4
Flying Wolfhounds VF-74
Foo Dogs VRC-50
Fools in God's Ocean VC-13
Forty-Niners VF-49
Four Runners VAH-4
Freelancers VF-13A, VF-21, VF-64, VF-81, VF-131
Friendlies VA-152
Gallant Blades HC-4
Gamblers VS-28
Gamecocks VF-88
Garudas VAQ-134
Gators VSF-86
Gauntlets VAQ-136
Gay Blades VF-75, VF-75A
Genies VP-31
Ghost Cats VF-8
Ghostriders VA-164, VF-142, VF-193
Gladiators VF-62, VA-106, VFA-106
Globemasters VR-56
Go-Devils VAH-7, RVAH-7
Golden Bears HM-19
Golden Dragons VA-192, VFA-192
Golden Eagles VP-1, VP-9, VT-22, VA-776
Golden Falcons HS-2, HCS-12
Golden Gaters HC-85
Golden Hawks VAW-112, VF-876, VA-876, VA-20G2, VA-303, VFA-303, VP-67
Golden Intruders VA-128
Golden Pelicans VP-44
Golden Swordsmen VP-47
Golden Warriors VA-87, VFA-87
Grand Slammers VF-154
Grandmasters HSL-46, HSM-46
Gray Berets VAW-111
Gray Wolves VAQ-142
Green Falcons VA-205
Green Lizards VA-95
Green Pawns VBF-75, VF-4B, VF-42, VA-42
Greencheckers HSL-34
Gremlins VT-153, VA-16A, VA-155
Grey Knights VP-46
Greyhawks VAW-120
Greywolves VAQ-35
Griffins VF-34W1, VF-53, VF-123, VAW-121, VF-871, VF-931, VAQ-308, VAK-308
Grim Reapers VF-10, VF-101
Grim Watchdogs VS-27, VAQ-142
Gringos VBF-88
Gun Bears HC-11
Gunfighters VF-124
Gunslingers VA-105, VFA-105
Hackers VA-305
Hawaiian Warriors VP-28, VP-HL-8
Hawkeyes VFP-206
Hawks VA-72, VF-72
Hell Cats VF-5, VF-9
Hell Razors VB-81, VF-174, VA-174, VA-13A, VA-134
Hell's Angels VA-54, VF-54
Hell's Archers   VA-104  
Hellions HT-28
High Hatters VB-2B, VB-3, VF-1, VF-1B
High Rollers HSC-85
Hoot Owls VS-39, VAH-9, RVAH-9
Hormel Hawgs VAW-114
Hornets VF-44, VA-44
Hukkers VS-28
Hummers VAW-120
Hummer-Gators VAW-122
Hunters VF-162, VF-124D1, VF-201, VFA-201, VF-701
Hurricane Hunters VW-4
Ice Pirates VX-6
Indians VA-3B, HS-6, HSC-6, HCS-6
Invaders HSL-32
Iron Angels VF-14, VF-53, VF-141, VF-721, VA-721
Iron Men VF-82, VU-3, VC-3, VQ-3
Iron Tigers VA-156
Ironman VQ-3
Island Knights HSC-25
Islanders VR-61
Jaguars HSL-60
Jesters VF-173
Jockeys VAQ-208, VAK-208
Jokers VB-5, VF-20, VF-9A, VF-91, VF-34, VA-34
Jolly Rogers VF-5B, VF-17, VF-61, VF-84, VF-103, VFA-103
Kangaroos VF-27, VF-82
Kestrels VFA-137
Kingpins VF-143
Knights VA-2B, VA-25
Knighthawks VFA-136
Knightriders VF-52, VA-52
Lamplighters HSL-36
Lancers VAQ-131, VP-10
Leaping Lizards VF-879, VA-879, VA-20G1
Leeman's Demons VP-202
Legendary Red Lightnings VF-194
Liberty Bells VAW-115, VP-66
Lions VP-90
Lobos VA-305, VFA-305, VF-77A
Lonestar Express VR-59
Lovin-Eleven VP-11
Lucky Seven VF-7
Mach Busters VF-21
Mad Cats VP-63
Mad Dogs VA-105
Mad Foxes VP-5, VP-ML-5
Main Battery VA-194, VA-196, VAQ-196
Magicians HSM-35, HSL-35
Marauders VA-82, VFA-82
Marlins VP-40
Maulers VS-32
Mavericks VA-152
Men-O-War VF-46
Merlins HCS-3
Midnight Mariners VP-203
Mighty Shrikes VA-94, VFA-94
Mighty Warbucks VT-4
Milestones VA-196
Minutemen VR-55, VP-92, VF-783
Mohicans VA-831
Mushmouths RVAH-5
Navy's Number One Squadron VQ-1
Neptune Raiders HS-17
Neptunes VP-2, VP-ML-2
Neptune's Horsemen HSL-30
Night Hecklers VA(AW)-35
Nightcappers VF(AW)-4, VF-13, VF-131, VC-4
Nightdippers HS-5, HSC-5, HCS-5
Night Hawks VA(AW)-33, VAQ-33, VA-185, HS-16
Night Owls VF-171, VA-185, VAQ-33
Night Wolves VAW-77
Nor'easters VR-62
Norseman HM-16
Nulli Secondus VA-126
Old Buzzards VPU-1
Old Crows VP-118
Omars VC-12
Outlaw's Bandits VF-32
Pacemakers VF-121, VF-781
Pacific Fleet Angels HC-1
Pack Rats HC-3
Panthers VF-6A, VA-35
Patriots   VAQ-140  
Peacemakers of the Fleet VAH-7, RVAH-7, VC-7
Peeping Toms VFP-306
Peg Leg Petes VF-14A, VF-132
Pegasus VB-11, VA-11A, VA-114
Pelicans VP-45, VP-MS-4
Phantom Fighters VF-171
Photomasters VFP-306
Pied Pipers VF-89
Pink Panthers VP-91
Pioneers VX-1
Pistol-Packing Airdales VF-16
Pregnant Pelicans VP-48
Privateers VFA-132
Pros VAH-123
Professionals VAH-123, VS-28
Pro's Nest VP-30
Proud Pegasus VP-11
Proud Tigers VS-34
Proud Warriors HSL-42, HSM-72
Providers VRC-30, HC-5
Puckered Penguins VXE-6
Puking Dogs VF-143, VFA-143
Rampagers VA-83, VFA-83
Rampant Raiders VA-212
Rangers VT-28, VQ-2
Raptors HSM-71
Ravens VA-93
Rawhides VRC-40
Red Checkertails VF-24, VF-211, VA-1B
Red Darters VP-45
Red Devils VB-5, VT-13, VF-772
Red Griffins VS-38
Red Knights VT-3
Red Lancers VP-10
Red Lightning VF-91, VF-194, VA-728
Red Lions HS-15, HSC-15
Red Rippers VF-1A, VF-4, VF-5, VF-5S, VF-11 , VF-41
Red Wolves HCS-4, HSC-84, HAL-4
Redhawks VT-21
Redskins HS-6
Redtail VC-8
Redtails VC-7, VC-21
Reluctant Dragons VP-102
Revelers VR-54
Rex Itineris VRF-32
River Rattlers VA-204, VFA-204
Road Runners F-102, VA-36, VA-116, VA-144, VAH-21, VAQ-144
Roaring Bulls VF-83, VF-916
Rooks VAQ-137
Rooster-Tails VS-37
Rough Raiders VA-125, VFA-125, VA-923
Roughnecks VQ-7
Roughriders VA-125
Royal Blues VA-127
Royal Maces VA-27, VFA-27
Royal Rampants VAH-2
Royal Rogues VF-95
Rustlers VF-702, VA-702, VA-145
Sabrehawks VT-86, HSL-47, HSM-77
Saints VA-163, VSF-76, VC-13, VC-27
Salty Dogs VX-23
Satan's Angels VBF-15
Satan's Kittens VF-19, VF-19A, VF-191
Satan's Playmates VF-15
Savage Sons VAH-5, RVAH-5
Sawbucks VS-37
Scarlet Knights VA-44
Scorpions HSL-49, VAQ-132, VA-134
Scouts VS-24
Scrappers VF-23, VBF-80
Screaming Demons VF-171
Screaming Eagles VF-1, VF-5, VF-5A, VF-51, VP-1, VP-3
Screwbirds VS-33
Screwtops VAW-123
Sea Demons VP-42, VP-MS-2
Sea Dragons VAH-3, RVAH-3, HM-12
Sea Griffins HS-9
Sea Knights HCS-22
Sea Shadows VQ-5
Seabats VAW-127
Seadevils HC-7
Seahawks VP-23, VAW-126, HM-16, HSL-41, HSM-41
Seahorse HS-1
Seasnakes HSL-33
Seawolves HAL-3, VB-2, VS-27
Sentinels VAW-115
Shadowhawks VAQ-141
Shadows VQ-4
Shamrocks VS-41
Sharks VT-21
Shillelaghs VF-29
Shooters VT-6, VP-30
Shooting Stars VF-1B, VF-6
Shrikes VA-94
Sidewinders VF-84, VA-86, VFA-86
Silver Foxes VA-155
Silver Kings VF-54, VF-92
Skeeters VC-6
Skinny Dragons VP-4
Sky Knights VA-95
Skyhawks VF-45
Skylancers VA-26
Skylords VTC-22
Sleepless Knights VF(N)-53, VF(N)-63
Sluggers VF-103
Smokin' Tigers RVAH-1
Snowbirds VA-811, VA-813
Spartans HSM-70
Speartips VAH-1, RVAH-12
Spiders VAW-114
Spirits VA-76
Stagecoach West VR-30
Stallions VF-302
Star Busters VF-721
Star Lifters VR-1
Star Warriors VAQ-209
Starfighters VF-33
Steeljaw VAW-122
Stingers VF-113, VA-113, VFA-113, VP-91
Stingrays VT-35
Stingarees VF-124, VF-874
Striking Eagles VF-3S
Sub Choppers HS-13
Sub Seekers HS-11
Sun Kings VAW-116
Sunday Fliers VP-731, VP-905, VP-ML-55
Sunday Punchers VB-18, VA-75, VA-7A
Sundowners VF-11, VF-11A, VF-86, VF-26, VF-111, VFC-111
Sunliners VA-81, VFA-81
Sunseekers VR-58
Superheats VF-53D2, VF-202, VF-703, VA-703
Swamp Fox HSL-44, HSM-74
Swordsmen VF-4A, VA-145, VF-32, VFA-32
Talleyhoers VC-7
Tarsiers VF-33
Taskmasters VR-52
The Condors VP-64
The Evaluators VX-4
The Genies VP-31
The Liberty Bells VP-66
The Taskmasters VR-52
Thunderbirds VF-12, VA-135, VA-892
Thunderbolts VA-176, VA-42, HSL-84
Thundercats VF-153, VF-194
Tiger Squadron VP-8
Tigers VA-65, VAP-62, VP-8, VP-ML-8, VP-MS-8, VT-9, VA-25, VA-195
Tigertails VAW-125
Titans HSL-94
Tomcatters VF-31
Toppers VF-54L
Tophatters VF-3B, VB-4, VB-41, VA-14, VF-14, VFA-14, VA-1A
Top Cats VS-31
Torpcats VT-5, VA-6A, VA-55
Totems VP-69
Tough Kitty VB-20, VA-94, VF-94, VA-9A
Tridents HSC-9, HS-3, HCS-9, VP-26, VP-65
Tromboners VS-29
Typhoon Chasers VW-1, VPW-1
Typhoon Trackers VW-1, VPM-1
Ubangis VA-12
Unique Antiques VC-1
Uninvited VT-81, VA-135
Vagabonds VF-84
Valions VT-4, VA-15, VFA-15, VA-2A, VA-2E
Vanguard HM-14
Vanguards VX-4
Vampires VX-5, VX-9
Vapor Trails VBF-86
Vigilant Eagles HT-18
Vigilantes VF-151, VFA-151
Vikings VAH-10, VAQ-129
Vipers HSL-48, HSM-48, VF-80
Volunteers VF-214, VA-214
Vorse's Vipers VT-80
VQ-2 Squadron VQ-2
Vultures VT-20, VF-713, VA-10A, VA-95
Waldomen VF-671, VF-81, VA-66
Waldos VA-66
Wallbangers VAW-117
War Eagles VFS-1, VP-16
War Hogs HS-10
Warbucks VT-4
Warhawks VA-97, VFA-97
Warhorses VA-55
Warlocks VXS-1
Warlords HSL-51, HSM-51
Warriors VA-691
Watermen VP-1649
Whistling Death VBF-6
White Blades VAH-16
White Cats VPB-6
White Lightning VP-17
Wild Aces VA-152
Wild Hares VF-86
Wildcards HCS-23
Windjammers VT-10, VFA-131
Winged Lightning VR-51
Winged Lions VA-194
Wizards VB-19
Wolf Gang VAQ-133, VPU-2
Wolf Pack VF-84
Wolf Pack VF-1, HSL-45, HSM-75
Wolverators VP-106
Woodpeckers VP-49
World Famous Black Eagles VAW-113
World Famous Fighting Falcon VF-96
World Recorders VAP-61
World Watchers VQ-1  
World's Biggest Little Airline VR-24
Wyverns HS-12
Yellow Devils VF-194
Yellow Tails VS-32
Yellowjackets VAQ-138, VAL-4
Zappers VAW-13, VAQ-130


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