United States Navy
Aviation Squadron
Names 2003

Fighter Squadrons (VF) 

VF-11 Red Rippers
VF-31 Tomcatters
VF-32 Swordsmen
VF-33 Tarsiers
VF-101 Grim Reapers
VF-103 Jolly Rogers
VF-111 Sundowners
VF-143 Puking Dogs
VF-211 Checkmates
VF-213 Black Lions

Sea Control Squadrons (VS) 

VS-21 Fighting Red Tails
VS-22 Checkmates
VS-24 Scouts
VS-29 Dragonfires
VS-30 Diamond Cutters
VS-31 Top Cats
VS-32 Maulers
VS-33 Screwbirds
VS-35 Blue Wolves
VS-38 Red Griffins
VS-41 Shamrocks (USNR)

 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons (VQ) 

VQ-3 Ironman
VQ-4 Shadows
VQ-7 Roughnecks

Fleet Tactical Support Squadrons (VR)

VR-46 Eagles (USNR)
VR-52 The Taskmasters (USNR)
VR-53 Capital Express (USNR)
VR-54 Revelers (USNR)
VR-55 Minutemen (USNR)
VR-56 Globemasters (USNR)
VR-57 Conquistadores (USNR)
VR-58 Sunseekers (USNR)
VR-59 Lone Star Express (USNR)
VR-61 Islanders (USNR)
VR-62 Nor'easters (USNR)

Fleet Logistics Support Squadrons (VRC)

VRC-30 Providers
VRC-40 Rawhides

Training Squadrons (VT)

VT-2 Doer Birds
VT-3 Red Knights
VT-4 Mighty Warbucks
VT-6 Shooters
VT-9 Tigers
VT-10 Wildcats
VT-21 Redhawks
VT-22 Golden Eagles
VT-27 Boomers
VT-28 Rangers
VT-86 Sabrehawks

Helicopter Combat Support Squadrons (HC)

HC-2 Fleet Angels
HC-3 Pack Rats
HC-4 Black Stallions
HC-5 Providers
HC-6 Chargers
HC-7 Seadevils
HC-11 Gunbears
HC-85 Golden Gaters (USNR)

Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (HCS) 

HCS-4 Red Wolves (USNR)
HCS-5 Firehawks (USNR)

Helicopter Mine Counter Measures Squadron (HM) 

HM-14 Vanguard (USNR)
HM-15 Blackhawks (USNR)

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 

HS-2 Golden Falcons
HS-3 Tridents
HS-4 Black Knights
HS-5 Nightdippers
HS-6 Indians
HS-7 Dusty Dogs
HS-8 Eightballers
HS-10 War Hogs
HS-11 Dragonslayers
HS-14 Chargers
HS-15 Red Lions
HS-75 Emerald Knights (USNR)

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light (HSL) 

HSL-37 Easy Riders
HSL-40 Airwolves
HSL-41 Seahawks
HSL-42 Proud Warriors
HSL-43 Battle Cats
HSL-44 Swamp Fox
HSL-45 Wolfpack
HSL-46 Grandmasters
HSL-47 Sabrehawks
HSL-48 Vipers
HSL-49 Scorpions
HSL-51 Warlords
HSL-60 Jaguars (USNR)

Helicopter Training Squadron (HT) 

HT-8 Eightballers
HT-18 Vigilant Eagles

Fighter Attack Squadrons (VFA) 
Blue Angels
VFA-2 Bounty Hunters
VFA-14 Tophatters
VFA-15 Valions
VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks
VFA-25 Fist 0f the Fleet
VFA-27 Royal Maces
VFA-37 Bulls
VFA-41 Black Aces
VFA-81 Sunliners
VFA-82 Marauders
VFA-83 Rampagers
VFA-86 Sidewinders
VFA-87 Golden Warriors
VFA-94 Mighty Shrikes
VFA-97 Warhawks
VFA-102 Diamondbacks
VFA-105 Gunslingers
VFA-106 Gladiators (USNR)
VFA-113 Stingers
VFA-115 Eagles
VFA-122 Flying Eagles
VFA-125 Rough Raiders (USNR)
VFA-131 Wildcats
VFA-132 Privateers
VFA-136 Knighthawks
VFA-137 Kestrels
VFA-146 Blue Diamonds
VFA-147 Argonauts
VFA-151 Vigilantes
VFA-154 Black Knights
VFA-192 Golden Dragons
VFA-195 Dambusters
VFA-201 Hunters (USNR)

Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadrons (VAW) 

VAW-77 Night Wolves (USNR)
VAW-78 Fighting Escargots (USNR)
VAW-112 Golden Hawks
VAW-113 Black Eagles
VAW-115 Liberty Bells
VAW-116 Sun Kings
VAW-117 Wallbangers
VAW-120 Greyhawks
VAW-121 Bluetails
VAW-123 Screwtops
VAW-124 Bear Aces
VAW-125 Tigertails
VAW-126 Seahawks

Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons (VAQ)

VAQ-128 Fighting Phoenix
VAQ-129 Vikings (USNR)
VAQ-130 Zappers
VAQ-131 Lancers
VAQ-132 Scorpions
VAQ-133 Wizards
VAQ-134 Garudas
VAQ-135 Black Ravens
VAQ-136 Gauntlets
VAQ-137 Rooks
VAQ-138 Yellowjackets
VAQ-139 Cougars
VAQ-140 Patriots
VAQ-141 Shadowhawks
VAQ-142 Gray Wolves
VAQ-209 Star Warriors (USNR)

Patrol Squadron (VP)

VP-1 Screaming Eagles
VP-4 Skinny Dragons
VP-5 Mad-Foxes
VP-8 Tigers
VP-9 Golden Eagles
VP-10 Red Lancers
VP-16 War Eagles
VP-26 Tridents
VP-30 Pro's Nest
VP-40 Fighting Marlins
VP-42 Sea Demons
VP-45 Pelicans
VP-46 Grey Knights
VP-47 Golden Swordsmen
VP-62 Broad Arrows (USNR)
VP-64 The Condors (USNR)
VP-65 Tridents (USNR)
VP-66 The Liberty Bells (USNR)
VP-69 Totems (USNR)
VP-92 Minutemen (USNR)
VP-94 Crawfishers (USNR)

Patrol Squadron (Special Projects Unit) (VPU)

VPU-1 Old Buzzards
VPU-2 Wizards

Fleet Composite Squadrons (VC)

VC-6 Firebees
VC-8 Redtails

Air Test & Development Squadrons (VX)

VX-1 Pioneers
VX-9 Vampires