U. S. NAVY SHIP LIST - December 1832

Source: New York Journal of Commerce December 19, 1832;
Drawn from a report of the Secretary of the Navy


Ships of the Line

Name Rate Where Built When Built Where Employed
Columbus 74 Washington 1819 In ordinary at Boston
Independence 74 Boston 1814 Ditto
Ohio 74 New York 1820 In ordinary at New York
Washington 74 Portsmouth 1814 Ditto
Franklin 74 Philadelphia 1815 Ditto
North Carolina 74 Philadelphia 1820 In ordinary at Norfolk
Delaware 74 Norfolk 1820 Fitting for Sea at Norfolk
Alabama 74 Portsmouth   On the Stocks
Vermont 74 Boston   Ditto
Virginia 74 Boston   Ditto
Pennsylvania 74 Philadelphia   Ditto
New York 74 Norfolk   Ditto

Frigates of the First Class

United States 44 Philadelphia 1797 In the Mediterranean
Brandywine 44 Washington 1825 Ditto
Potomac 44 Washington 1821 In the Pacific
Constitution 44 Boston 1797 In ordinary at Boston
Hudson 44 Purchased 1826 In ordinary at New York
Java 44 Baltimore 1814 In ordinary at Norfolk
Guerriere 44 Philadelphia 1814 In ordinary at Norfolk
Santee 44 Portsmouth   On the Stocks
Cumberland 44 Boston   On the Stocks
Sabine 44 New York   On the Stocks
Savannah 44 New York   On the Stocks
Raritan 44 Philadelphia   On the Stocks
Columbia 44 Washington   On the Stocks
St. Lawrence 44 Norfolk   On the Stocks

Frigates of the Second Class

Constellation 36 Baltimore 1797 In the Mediterranean
Congress 36 Portsmouth 1799 In ordinary at Norfolk
Macedonian 36 Captured 1812 Rebuilding at Norfolk

Sloops of War

John Adams 24 Charleston 1799 In the Mediterranean
Cyane 24 Captured 1815 In ordinary at Philadelphia
Concord 18 Portsmouth 1828 In the Mediterranean
Boston 18 Boston 1825 Ditto
Vandalia 18 Philadelphia 1828 In the West Indies
St. Louis 18 Washington 1828 Ditto
Falmouth 18 Boston 1827 In the Pacific
Warren 18 Boston 1826 Coast of Brazil
Peacock 18 New York 1813 Ditto
Lexington 18 New York 1825 Ditto
Erie 18 Baltimore 1813 In ordinary at Boston
Natchez 18 Norfolk 1827 In ordinary at Norfolk
Fairfield 18 New York 1828 Ditto
Ontario 18 Baltimore 1813 Ditto
Vincennes 18 New York 1826 Ditto

Schooners of War

Porpoise 12 Portsmouth 1829 In the West Indies
Grampus 12 Washington 1821 Ditto
Shark 12 Washington 1821 Ditto
Enterprise 12 New York 1831 Coast of Brazil
Boxer 12 Boston 1831 Ditto
Dolphin 12 Philadelphia 1821 In the Pacific
Experiment 12 Washington 1832 Norfolk


Ships of the Line 12 x 74 888
Frigates of the First Class 14 x 44 616
Frigates of the Second Class  3 x 36 108
Sloops of 24 guns  2 x 24  48
Sloops of 18 guns 13 x 18 134
Schooners  7 x 12 84
Total number of Ships  51 

Total Guns 1978

     The ships on the stocks, with the exception of the Pennsylvania and Savannah, could all be got ready for launching in ninety days, and some of them in sixty. The Savannah would require 120 days, and the Pennsylvania six months. The ships in ordinary are in various states of preservation, but most of them would require extensive repairs, before being ready for sea.

     In addition to the force embraced in the preceding list, the frames and promiscuous live oak timer for four ships of the line, seven frigates, four sloops of war, and three steam vessels, are on hand; viz. at Boston, two ships of the line, two frigates and one sloop of war; at New York, one frigate; at Philadelphia, two frigates and one sloop of war; at Norfolk, two ships of the line, one frigate, and one sloop of war; at Washington, one frigate and one sloop of war. Where the frames of the steam-vessels are in deposite, we do not find it stated. Contracts have further been made for the frames, &c. of three frigates and three sloops of war. If we include in the estimate of our naval force, the ships for which the timber is already furnished or contracted for, the account will stand thus:
  74's Frigates Sloops Schrs. Steam-vessels
In commission 0 4 9 7 0
In ordinary 7 6 6 0 0
On the stocks 5 7 0 0 0
Frames on hand 4 7 4 0 3
Frames contracted for 0 3 3 0 0
Total 16 27 22 7 3
   Besides the frames above mentioned, and the timber properly belonging to them, there are on hand at the different Navy-yards, under the appropriations for repairs, and for other purposes 75,120 cubic feet of live oak, 339,716 cubic feet of white oak, 1,427,907 feet of plank, 7,700 knees, 421,045 cubic feet of yellow pine, 788,468 superficial feet of yellow pine, 11,693 superficial feet of white pine, and 48,040 cubic feet of various knees.

     These are also on hand, 1,548 tons of iron, 652 tons of lead, 114 tons of copper, 335 anchors not in use, and 27 chain cables not in use.

     There are also on hand, exclusive of what is on board vessels in commission, 2,232 cannon and carronades, 228,908 round and double-headed cannon balls, 23,324 grape and cannister, 540 tons loose grape and cannister, 35,600 lbs. powder, 198,382 lbs. sulphur, 396,994 lbs. nitre, 3,504 muskets, 5,703 pistols, and 5,248 cutlasses.
Note: Original spelling and grammar maintained.