Showing the Name, Number of Guns, Commander's name,
and Station of each Vessel, to July 1, 1813---Including those on the Lakes.

Name Guns Commanders Present Station
Adams 32 C. Morris Near Alexandria, Vir
Alert, b. 18 J. Renshaw New York
Argus 18 Lt. Allen On a cruise
Adeline - - Chesapeake Bay
Asp - Lt. Smith Lake Ontario
Aetna, bomb - - -
Analostan - Smith Cartel Service
Boston 32 - Washington, repairing
Constitution 44 C. Steward Boston
Constellation 36 C. Gordon Norfolk
Congress 36 J. Smith On a cruise
Carolina 14 - Southern coast
Conquest  8 Lt. Pettigrew Lake Ontario
Comet* 14 Lt. Boyle Chesapeake Bay
D. of Gloucester, b. 12 - Sacket's Harbour
Despatch Lt. Page Norfolk
Essex 32 D. Porter On a cruise
Enterprize 14 Lt. Blakley Eastern coast
Elizabeth  2 - Lake Ontario
Fair American  4 Chaunecy Ditto
Ferret Lt. Crawley Southern coast
Gen. Pike 32 A. Sinclair Sacket's Harbour
Growler  5 Lt. Mix Lake Ontario
Gen. Tompkins  6 Lt. Brown Ditto
Hornet 18 Lt. Biddle New London
Hamilton  9 Lt. MPherson Lake Ontario
John Adams 20 - New York
Isaac Hull 10 Lt. Newcomb Massachusetts Bay
Julia  2 Lt. Trant Lake Ontario
Louisiana 20 -
Lady of the Lake  3 - Lake Ontario
Macedonian, b. 38 J. Jones New London
Madison 28 I. Chaunecy Lake Ontario
Mary, bomb - - Ditto
New York 36 - Washington repairing
Neptune - Lt. Jones To Russia
Nonsuch 13 Lt. Mork Southern coast
Oneida 18 Lt. Woolsey Lake Ontario
Ontario  1 Lt. Stephens Ditto
President 44 Com. Rodgers On a cruise
President 12 MDonnough Lake Champlain
Petapsco* 12 Mortimer Chesapeake
Perseverance - Dill Cartel service
Pert  3 Lt. Adams Lake Ontario
Raven  8 - Ditto
Revenge* 16 West Chesapeake
Siren 14 Lt. Bainbridge Eastern coast
Scourge  8 Lt. Osgood Lake Ontario
Spitfire, bomb - - -
Scorpion  6 Lt. Kennedy Chesapeake
Troup 18 - Southern coast
Viper 18 Gadsden -
United States 44 S. Decatur New London
Vengeance, bomb - - -
Vesuvius, bomb - - -
Besides the above there are a number of revenue cutters and about 178 gun boats; a few of which are on the lakes-- also two block vessels in the Delaware.

Building--A seventy-four at Portsmouth, (N.H.) and another at Charlestown, (Mass.) besides frigates and smaller ships in different ports.

Two sloops of war have lately been launched on Lake Erie.

*Vessels marked thus are hired by the United States.
Note:  Original spelling and abbreviations retained.
Source:  Newspaper, date and location unknown.