U. S. Navy Recruiting
To 1939
Posters and Advertisements

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Great Encouragement for Seamen On the ship Ranger commanded by
John Paul Jones



Men Wanted. Qualifications: Able bodied and Not in the Army!
Circa 1863
Avoid the conscript bill! Chances for warrants, bounties, and Medals of Honor.
Civil War era.


Charles Graham, an engineer at the New York Naval Shipyard (the Brooklyn Navy Yard), recruited 400 yard workers and sailors to the U.S. Army for duty in Chesapeake Bay.    All able bodied men and boys come forward and serve your country without conscription.
1,000 men wanted for 12 months!
$1.50 extra per month grog money



U.S. Navy ships (clockwise from upper left): Bon Homme Richard, Constitution,  Oregon and Hartford, with USS Michigan (BB-27) in  center. Published for Naval Recruiting Station, Saint Louis,  MO.  Young Men Wanted
South Carolina class Battleship.
Circa 1909


Popular Mechanics
Advertisement 1908
Recruiter's postcard circa 1910 - 1917.  "Trooping the Colors."  Parade ground scene Naval Training Station, San Francisco, CA (Yerba Buena Island) in San Francisco Bay.  Back of card compares civilian employment with Navy benefits.

Popular Mechanics
Advertisement 1908
Popular Mechanics
Advertisement 1908
Women Awake
Join the Navy League - 1914 (Prior to women in Naval Reserve, 1916)
Illustrator: Hazel Roberts
Join the Navy
The Reasons Why

Your friendly Navy Recruiters c1914  

WORLD WAR I to 1939

  I Want You (1917)
Illustrator:   Howard Chandler Christy

Make American History
Illustrator:  James Montgomery Flagg


To Arms
Illustrator:  James Montgomery Flagg
Gee!! I wish I were a man
Illustrator:   Howard Chandler Christy
Model - Mrs. Nancy Christy

  A Wonderful Opportunity
Illustrator:  Charles E. Ruttan

A Wonderful Opportunity
Full poster.
Illustrator:  Charles E. Ruttan

Service for Fighting Men.
Illustrator:  Richard Fayerweather Babcock
U.S. Naval Aviation

Follow the boys in blue
Illustrator:  George Hand Wright
Follow the boys in blue
Illustrator:  George Hand Wright


All together - Enlist in the Navy
Sailors of six nations
Illustrator:  Henry Reuterdahl
He is keeping the World safe for Democracy
Illustrator:  Carleton

Follow the Flag
Illustrator:  James Daughtery
Follow the Flag for Freedom.
Illustrator:  James Daughtery

Sea Cooks - Pay scale
Illustrator: Wallace Morgan
Sword is drawn
Illustrator:  Kenyon Cox

These men have come across.
Illustrator:  J. C. Leyendecker
See World, Save Money, Serve Country.

Be ready Service for training and travel
Illustrator:  James Montgomery Flagg

Find the range. Here he is sir.
Illustrator:  Charles Dana Gibson


Join the Navy
Illustrator:  Herbert Paus
Over there.
Illustrator:  Albert Sterner
I'm Doing My Duty Are You?
Illustrator:  Clinton Jordan
On Guard!
Illustrator:  H. B. Matthews

Navy put 'em across
Illustrator:  Henry Reuterdahl
He is getting our country's signal.

Wireless Fans
Help the Navy Get the Hun Submarine
Illustrator:  C.B. Falls
I Want You in the Navy
and I Want You Now
Illustrator:  James Montgomery Flagg

Your Country Needs You
America Calls
Illustrator:  J. C. Leyendecker (1917)
Will You Supply Eyes for the Navy
Illustrator:  Gordon Grant
This Gun Is "Over There"
Where are You?
Turn to the Right
Join the U.S. Navy
Your First Line of Defense
Uncle Sam's Birthday
July 4th 1918
142 Years Young
What the Navy is doing. First Call
Come Along
Illustrator:  James Daughtery
Give the World the Once Over
Illustrator:  James Daughtery
Damn the Torpedoes
Illustrator:  Henry Alexander Ogden
Navy Recruiting Week
Help Your Country
Illustrator:  Henry Reuterdahl
Pull Together Men
Illustrator:  Paul R. Boomhower
Navy Calling
Illustrator: L. N. Britton
When You Fire Remember This
Illustrator:  W. A. Rogers
Here Is Opportunity The First Line of Defense Needs You
Illustrator:  Hampton F. Shirer  
How about trying the Navy, Doughboy? A Change Shot  
Wake up - New Yorkers!   Keep the American Flag on the Seas
Illustrator:  Frank Vining Smith  
Your Country Needs You Now
Illustrator:  J. P. Nuyttens
Extra Your Country Needs You in the
U.S. Navy At Once
Enlist in the Navy
Uncle Sam in Army uniform?
Illustrator:  Henry Reuterdahl
Warding off a night attack
Secretary Daniels says...(SecNav 1912-1920)
Life in the Navy
The Country is at War
Naval Militia
Only the Navy can stop this.
Illustrator: W. A. Rogers

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