Navy Ratings

Pay Grades


Rating Structure
The U.S. Navy rating structure is confusing to most people outside the organization.   A brief overview of Navy enlisted rate and ratings follows.  Two similar sounding terms are used to describe Navy enlisted status - rate and rating.  Rate equates to military pay grade and rating is one's occupational specialty.  Petty officer third class (PO3) is a rate.  Boatswain Mate is a rating.  Used in combination, Boatswain Mate Third Class (BM3), defines both the rate, petty officer third class, and rating Boatswain Mate.

Pay Grade
Pay grade constitutes a numbering system from junior to senior, and is linear across all five branches of the U.S. military.  The lowest military enlisted pay grade is E-1 and the highest E-9 in the Army as well as the Navy.  Officer pay grades include W-1 through W-5 for warrant officers and O-1 through O-10 for officers.  Enlisted personnel may be promoted from enlisted to warrant officer status and in some cases directly to officer status.  In example, the writer served as an E-1 through E-7, W-1 through W-4, and O-2 through O-6, sixteen different pay grades in a four decade career. 

Rate or rank?
Rate, such as First Class Petty Officer, describes the Navy enlisted pay grade E-6.   Officers do not have rates but are said to have rank.  Lieutenant (rank) describes a Naval officer of pay grade O-3. The officer's occupational specialty is described in a numerical code. 

A Navy rating is defined as an occupation that consists of specific skills and abilities.  Each rating has its own specialty badge which is worn on the left sleeve by all qualified men and women in that field.  In the Navy and Coast Guard, pay grades E-4 through E-9 fall within a rating and reflect a distinct level of achievement within the promotion pyramid. 

General ratings.   Broad occupational fields such as Electronics Technician,  Machinist Mate or Electrician are general ratings.  During World War I the Navy survived with but thirteen ratings.  Through the years the Navy has used over 100 ratings with 60+ remaining in use today.   In some cases  ratings combine at the Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8) or Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9) level.  In example, CU Constructionman combines the Builder (BU), Engineering Aide (EA and) Steelworker (SW) Seabee ratings at the Senior Chief and Master Chief Petty Officer levels. 
Service ratings
.  Service ratings are sub categories of general ratings that require further specialized training and qualifications.  They are established and deleted with service requirements and changes in personnel management philosophy.  In example, Gunner's Mate, a general rating, has been at times divided into the service ratings of Gunner's Mate Guns (GMG) and Gunner's Mate Missiles (GMM).  Service ratings are most used in the E-4 and E-5 pay grade with the ratings merging at the senior Petty Officer level.

Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC).  Numerical codes appended to a rating are heavily used in the modern Navy to indicate specialized qualifications.  For example, a Master-at-Arms First Class with a specialty of handling drug detecting dogs, is a MA1 (2005).  A list of these NEC codes is provided in the Navy Personnel Command's reference library  NAVPERS 180086F.  The pdf file located off site.  Note: NEC's are undergoing major revision (July 2017).

Emergency ratings.  Emergency ratings may be established in time of war.  World War Two saw twenty-two Navy Specialist ratings and the Coast Guard used six additional Specialist ratings. The term Specialist evolved to Emergency Service Rating and finally to Emergency Rating in the thirty-two years of use.  Emergency rating badges are distinguished by a letter of the alphabet enclosed in a diamond below the eagle. One example is Welfare & Recreation Leader,  a "W" inside a diamond.  This emergency rating most often worked with the chaplain.  The rate was discontinued following World War Two.  For a number of years the chaplain's assistant was a Yeoman with NEC 2525.  The YN (2525) became a full fledged rating in 1979 as the present day Religious Program Specialist, RP.

Non rate
A non rate (not rated) is one serving in pay grade E-1 to E-3.  The non rate is further subdivided by a general career path, aviation (airman), deck (seaman), engineering (fireman), construction (constructionman), and medical (hospitalman).   

Many bluejackets enter advanced training schools following recruit training to complete the entry level requirements for a career field.  Graduates are designated in an occupational specialty even though they have not achieved Petty Officer status of pay grade E-4 and up.   CSSN Jane P. Jones  has passed the specific career field qualifications for entry into the general rating of Culinary Specialist, but is not a petty officer.  CS denotes the career field of Culinary Specialist and SN is the abbreviation for Seaman, the non rated E-3 pay grade.

Sailors who go directly to a station, ship or squadron without specialized school training following recruit training are encouraged to select a career field.   Through correspondence courses provided for self study and on-the-job training (OJT), they may qualify for entry into a rating.  This path is called "striking for rate."   A seaman working in the deck department of a ship will by work assignment find herself most often in training for the deck rating of Boatswain Mate.  Many "strikers" will venture into other departments to become a Yeoman, Damage Controlman or other rating as openings occur.  Many technical ratings are restricted to formal school graduates and thereby closed to "strikers."  Having experienced the width and depth of Navy life, most "strikers" become excellent petty officers. 

Note : The U.S. Navy announced on 29 September 2016 the historic naval rating system would be scuttled and replaced with a  Navy Occupational Specialty Code (NOS) - numbers in lieu of the traditional rates. Following a cry from the Fleet and former Navy personnel the move was suspended by the CNO on 21 December 2016.  The rating system will not be sunk but altered at a future date.   See news article here.


Pay Grades

Non Rated


Seaman Recruit (SR)
Fireman Recruit (FR)
Airman Recruit (AR)
Construction Recruit (CR)
Hospital Recruit (HR)
No insiginia E-4:
Petty Officer Third Class (PO3)
Seaman Apprentice (SA) white
Hospital Apprentice (HA) white
Fireman Apprentice (FA) red
Airman Apprentice (AA) green
Construction Apprentice (CA) blue
Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)
Seaman (SN) white
Hospitalman (HN) white
Fireman (FN) red
Airman (AN) green
Constructionman (CN) blue
Petty Officer First Class (PO1)
E-1 through E-3
Apprentice Training Graduates

Apprentice Seaman Graduate         Apprentice Airman Graduate
Seaman     Fireman   Airman
Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
(L) Command Master Chief - Silver
(R) Fleet/Force Master Chief - Gold
MCPO Command MCPO Fleet/Force
Master Chief Petty Officer
of the Navy (MCPON)
1. Rating stripes are worn on the left shoulder.
2. E-1 through E-3 designated specialist and qualified strikers wear the rating icon above their stripes
3. E-1 formerly issued one stripe insignia white for SR, HR, DR, TR; red for FR; green for AR; and blue for CR. 
4. Steward (TR, TA & TN) leading to the rating Steward (SD) discontinued in 1975.
5. Dental (DR, DA & DN) leading to the rating Dental Technician (DT) discontinued in 2005.
6. Petty officer ratings shown are BM3, BM2, BM1, QMC, QMCS, QMCM
7. One Master Chief Petty Officer is selected as the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (Three gold stars).




General Ratings.
Ratings may have evolved through several names to reflect changes in required skill sets.  Many of these ratings no longer exist.  Some ratings have been discontinued only to be restored. Logos indicate an active rating.

Service Ratings.  
Service ratings are subspecialties under general ratings. Service ratings generally merge into a single rating at the E-6 to E-9 level. Many of the service ratings listed below no longer exist.

ABM  Aviation Boatswain's Mate (1944-1948)
     (AB Rate subdivided 1948 to service ratings )
ABCM Master Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (E-9 only)
ABH  Aviation Boatswain's Mate Aircraft Handling
ABF  Aviation Boatswain's Mate Fuels
ABE  Aviation Boatswain's Mate Launch & Recovery Equipment
ABU  Aviation Boatswain's Mate Utility

AC  Air Controlman (1948-1977)
AC  Air Traffic Controller (1977-   )
ACT  Aircontrolman Tower
ACW Aircontrolman Early Warning
ACM  Aviation Carpenter's Mate (1921-1940) (to AM)  

AD  Aviation Machinist's Mate (1948-    )
ADE  Aviation Machinist's Mate Engine Mechanic
ADF  Aviation Machinist's Mate Flight Engineer
ADG Aviation Machinist's Mate Carburetor Mechanic
ADJ  Aviation Machinist's Mate Jet Engine Mechanic
ADR  Aviation Machinist's Mate Reciprocating Engine Mechanic
ADP  Aviation Machinist's Mate Propeller Mechanic

AEM  Aviation Electrician's Mate (1942-1948)
AE  Aviation Electrician's Mate (1948-    )
AF  Photographer's Mate (1948-1950) (to PH)  
AFCM  Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman (E-9 only) (1963-    )  

Aerog  Aerographer (1923-1942)
AerM  Aerographer's Mate (1942-1948)
AG  Aerographer's Mate (1948-   )
AK  Aviation Storekeeper (1948-2003) (to SK)  
AL  Aviation Electronicsman (1948-1959) (to AT)  

AM  Aviation Metalsmith (1921-1948)
     (AM Rate subdivided 1948 to service ratings >)
AM  Aviation Structural Mechanic (E-8 only)
AMH  Aviation Structural Mechanic Hydraulic Mechanic (1948-2001)(to AM)
AME  Aviation Structural Mechanic Safety Equipment
AMS  Aviation Structural Mechanic Structures (1948-2001)(to AM)
MMA  Machinist's Mate (Aviation) (1917-1921)
AMM  Aviation Machinist's Mate (1921-1948) (to AD)
AMMC  Aviation Machinist's Mate Carburetor Mechanic
AMMF  Aviation Machinist's Mate Flight Engineer
AMMH  Aviation Machinist's Mate Hydraulic Mechanic
AMMI  Aviation Machinist's Mate Instrument Mechanic
AMMP  Aviation Machinist's Mate Propeller Mechanic
AMMT  Aviation Machinist's Mate Gas Turbine Mechanic

AOM  Aviation Ordnanceman (1921-1948)
AO  Aviation Ordnanceman (1948-  )
AOMB  Aviation Bombsight Mechanic (1943-1944)
AOMB  Aviation Bombsight and Fire Control Mechanic (1944- )
AOMT  Aviation Ordnanceman Turrets
AOF Aviation Ordnanceman Fire Control
AOT  Aviation Ordnanceman Turrets
AOU  Aviation Ordnanceman Utility
AQ  Aviation Fire Control Technician (1954-1991) (to AT) AQB  Aviation Fire Control Technician Bomb Director
AQF  Aviation Fire Control Technician Fire Control
AP  Aviation Pilot (1924-1933) (1942-1948)
     (Naval Aviation Pilot (NAP) & AP History)
CAP  Chief Aviation Pilot (1924-1933)
AP  First Class Aviation Pilot (1927-1933)
APA  Aviation Pilot Airship
AR  Quartermaster (Aviation) (1917-1921)
AR  Aviation Rigger (1921-1927)
AR  Airship Rigger (1943-1948) (to AM)
ARM  Aviation Radioman (1942-1948) (to AL)  

AS  Aviation Support Equipment Technician (1966-  )
ASE  Aviation Support Equipment Technician Electrical
ASH  Aviation Support Equipment Technician Hydraulics and Structure
ASM  Aviation Support Equipment Technician Mechanical

ART  Aviation Radio Technician (1942-1945)
AETM  Aviation Electronic Technician's Mate (1945-1948)
AT  Aviation Electronics Technician (1948-  )
ATA  Aviation Electronics Technician Aircraft Equipment
ATG  Aviation Electronics Technician Ground Equipment
ATN  Aviation Electronics Technician Radio & Radio Navigation Equipment
ATO  Aviation Electronics Technician Ordnance
ATR  Aviation Electronics Technician Radar and Radar Navigation Equipment
ATW  Aviation Electronics Technician Airborne CIC Equipment
AVCM  Master Chief Avionics Technician (E-9 only)  

AW  Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator (1968-1993)
AW Aviation Warfare Systems Operator (1993 -2008)
AW Master Chief Naval Aircrewman (2008-  ) (E-9 only)
AWF  Naval Aircrewman Mechanical
AWO Naval Aircrewman Operator
AWS Naval Aircrewman Helicopter
AWR Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter
AWV  Naval Aircrewman Avionics
AX  Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician (1962-1991) (to AT)  

AZ  Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (1964-  )

BM  Boatswain's Mate (1893-  )
BMA  Boatswain's Mate Master-at-Arms
BMB  Boatswain's Mate Seabee
BMG  Boatswain's Mate Shipboard
BMK  Boatswain's Mate Canvasman
BMR  Boatswain's Mate Rigger
BMS  Boatswain's Mate Stevedore
BMSTR Bandmaster  
B  Boilermaker
BR  Boilermaker (1956-1971)
BT  Boilerman (to WT  Watertender)
BT  Boiler Tender
BT Boiler Technician (1976-1996) (to MM)
BTG  Shipboard Boilerman
BTR  Boiler Repairman
BUG Bugler (1871-1948)
BUGMSTR Buglemaster (1927-1948)

BU  Builder (1948- )
BUR  Builder Concrete
BUH  Builder Heavy
BUL  Builder Light
CBCM Construction Battalion Master Chief (E-9 only) (2021-  )  

CE Construction Electrician's Mate (1948-1958)
CE Construction Electrician (1958- )
CEG  Construction Electrician General
CEL  Construction Electrician Communications Lineman
CEP  Construction Electrician Power Lineman
CES  Construction Electrician Shop
CET  Construction Electrician Telephone
CEW  Construction Electrician Wiring
CM  Carpenter's Mate (1885-1948) (to DC)

CMA  Carpenter's Mate Aviation
CMCBB  Carpenter's Mate Construction Battalion Builder
CMCBD  Carpenter's Mate Construction Battalion Draftsman
CMCBE  Carpenter's Mate Construction Battalion Excavation Foreman
CMCBS  Carpenter's Mate Construction Battalion Surveyor
CMPx Carpenter's Mate Painter
CMPx Carpenter's Mate Patternmaker
CMPx Carpenter's Mate Plumber Fitter
CMSRB  Carpenter's Mate Ship Repair Boatbuilders Wood
CMSRC  Carpenter's Mate Ship Repair Carpenters
CMSRJ  Carpenter's Mate Ship Repair Joiners
CMSRN  Carpenter's Mate Ship Repair Cement Workers
CMSRK  Carpenter's Mate Ship Repair Caulkers Boats
CMSRS  Carpenter's Mate Ship Repair Shipwrights

CM  Construction Mechanic (1958- )
CMA  Construction Mechanic Automotive
CMD  Construction Mechanic Diesel Engine
CMG  Construction Mechanic Gasoline Engine
CMH  Construction Mechanic Construction
CMC  Command Master Chief (E-9 only) CMDCM Command Master Chief Petty Officer
CNOCM CNO Directed Command Master Chief
FLTCM  Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer
FORCM  Force Master Chief Petty Officer
MCPON Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy

CS  Commissary Steward (1902-1948)
CS  Commissaryman (1948-1974) (to MS)
CS Culinary Specialist (2004- )
CSS Culinary Specialist Submarine (2017- )
CSB  Commissaryman Butcher
CSG  Commissaryman Ship's Cooks
CSR  Commissaryman Bakers

CT  Communication Technician (1948-1976)
CT  Cryptologic Technician (1976- )
CTA Communications Technician Administration (1948-1976)
CTA  Cryptologic Technician Administration (1976-2008) (to YN)
CTI Communications Technician Interpretive (1948-1976)
CTI  Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (1976- )
CTM Communications Technician Maintenance (1948-1976)
CTM  Cryptologic Technician Maintenance (1976- )
CTN  Cryptologic Technician Networks (2004- )
CTO Communications Technician Communications (1948-1976)
CTO  Cryptologic Technician Communications (1976-2006) (to IT)
CTR Communications Technician Collection (1948-1976)
CTR  Cryptologic Technician Collection (1976- )
CTS Communications Technician Special Devices Operator (1948-?)
     (to MA - Machine Accountant)
CTT Communications Technician Technical (1948-1976)
CTT  Cryptologic Technician Technical (1976- )
CTY Communications Technician Clerk (1948-1976) (to CTA)
CU Constructionman (E-8 only) (from BUC, EAC, SWC) (2016- )  

DC  Damage Controlman (1948-1972) (to HT) (c1987-  )
DCG  Damage Controlman Shipboard
DCP  Damage Controlman Painter
DCW  Damage Controlman Carpenter
DK  Disbursing Clerk (1948-2005) (to PS)  
DM  Illustrator Draftsman (1961-2006) (to MC) DME  Draftsman Electrical
DMI  Draftsman Illustrator
DML  Draftsman Lithographic
DMM  Draftsman Mechanical
DMS  Draftsman Structural
DMT  Draftsman Topographic
DP  Data Processing Technician (1967-1998) (to RM)  
DS Data Systems Technician (1961-1998) (to ET or FC)  
DT  Dental Technician (1948-2005) (to HM) DTG  Dental Technician General
DTP  Dental Technician Prosthetic
DTR  Dental Technician Repair

EA  Engineering Aide (1961- )
EAD  Engineering Aids Draftsman
EAS  Engineering Aids Surveyor

EM  Electrician Mate (1921- )
EMCBC  Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion Communication
EMCBD  Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion Draftsman
EMCBG  Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion General
EMCBL  Electrician's Mate Construction Battalion Line and Station
EMN Electricians Mate, Nuclear Power
EMSRG  Electrician's Mate Ship Repair General Electrician
EMSRS  Electrician's Mate Ship Repair Shop Electrician
EMSRT  Electrician's Mate Ship Repair Interior Communications Repairman
EMP  Electrician's Mate Power and Light
EMS  Electrician's Mate Shop

EN  Engineman (1948- )
ENA  Engineman Aviation
END  Engineman Diesel
ENG  Engineman Gasoline

EO  Equipment Operator (1958- )
EON  Equipment Operator Construction Equipment
EOH  Equipment Operator Hauling

EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (2006- )
EQCM  Master Chief Equipmentman (E-9 only) (  -2021)  
EW   Electronic Warfare Technician (1971-2003) (to CTT)  

ET  Electronics Technician (1948- )
ETN  Electronics Technician Communications
ETN  Electronics Technician Navigation (Ballistic Missile Submarine (to c1980)
ETN Electronics Technician Nuclear Power
ETR Electronics Technician Submarine Communications
ETR  Electronics Technician Radar
ETS  Electronics Technician Sonar
ETV Electronics Technician Submarine Navigation
FC Fire Controlman (1921-1955)
FT  Fire Control Technician (1955-1985) (split to FC FT)

FC Fire Controlman Surface (1985 - )
FCA Fire Controlman Aegis (2017- )

FT  Fire Control Technician Submarine (1985- )
FCO Fire Controlman Operator
FCR  Fire Controlman Range Finder
FCS  Fire Controlman Surface (to 1948)
FCS  Fire Controlman Submarine (from 1948)
FCU  Fire Controlman Underwater Weapons
FTA  Fire Control Technician Automatic Directors
FTB  Fire Control Technician Ballistic Missile Fire Control
FTG  Fire Control Technician Gun Fire Control
FTM  Fire Control Technician Surface Missile Fire Control
FTU  Fire Control Technician Underwater
FP  Pipefitter (1948-1958) (to SF) FPB  Pipefitter Coppersmith
FPG  Pipefitter Shipboard
FPP  Pipefitter Plumber
FPS  Pipefitter Steamfitter
GF  Aviation Guided Missleman (1953-1960)  

GM  Gunner's Mate (1885- ) (E-7 to E-9 only)
GMA  Gunner's Mate Aviation (to 1926)
GMCB  Gunner's Mate Construction Battalion
GMCBG  Gunner's Mate Construction Battalion Armorer
GMCBP  Gunner's Mate Construction Battalion Powderman
GMSRP  Gunner's Mate Ship Repair Powderman
GMA  Gunner's Mate Armorers (1948-?)
GMM  Gunner's Mate Mounts (to 1957)
GMM  Gunner's Mate Missiles (1957-present)
GMT  Gunner's Mate Torpedo (to 1921)
GMT - Gunner's Mate (Turrets) (1922-1952)
GMT  Gunner's Mate Technician (1962-1986)
GMG  Gunner's Mate Guns ( -present)
GS Guided Missileman (1953-1961) (to MT)  

GS  Gas Turbine System Technician (1978- )
GSE  Gas Turbine System Technician  Electrical
GSM  Gas Turbine System Technician  Mechanical

HM  Hospital Corpsman (1948- )
   Hospital Corpsman Rating History

HT  Hull Technician (1972- )

IC  Interior Communications Electrician (1948- )
IM  Instrumentman (1961-1999) (to IC, EM, ET or AT) IMI  Instrumentman Instrument Repair
IMO  Instrumentman Office Machine Repairman
IMW  Instrumentman Watch and Clock Repairman

IT  Information Systems Technician (1999- )
ITS Information Systems Technician Submarines (2011- )
ITS Information Systems Technician Submarines (2011- )

IS  Intelligence Specialist (1975- )
JO  Journalist (1948-2006) (to MC)  
LI  Lithographer (1948-2006) (to MC) LIP  Lithographer Pressman
LIT  Lithographer Cameraman and Platemaker

LN  Legalman (1973- )

LS  Logistics Specialist (2009-  )
LSS Logistics Specialist Submarine (2017- )

MA  Master-at-Arms
MA  Machine Accountant (1948-1967) (to DP)  

MC  Mass Communications Specialist (2006- )
ML Molder (1917-1929) (1943-??)   MLSRC  Molder Ship Repair Cupola Tenders
MLSRF  Molder Ship Repair Foundryman
MLSRM  Molder Ship Repair Molder
MldrA  Molder Aviation

MoMM  Motor Machinist's Mate
MM Machinist's Mate (1893- )
MoMMSRD  Motor Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Diesel Engine Mechanic
MoMMSRG  Motor Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Gasoline Engine Mechanic
MMA  Machinist's Mate Aviation
MMA Machinists Mate Non-Nuclear, Submarine Auxiliary
MMAGE  Machinist's Mate Aviation Bombing
MMAH  Machinist's Mate Aviation Hydrogen
MMAP  Machinist's Mate Aviation Photographic
MMCBE  Machinist's Mate Construction Battalion Equipment Operator
MME  Machinist's Mate Engineman
MMG  Machinist's Mate Industrial Gas Generating
MML  Machinist's Mate General
MMMB  Machinist's Mate Motor Boat
MMN Machinist's Mate Nuclear Power
MMO  Machinist's Mate Optician
MMR  Machinist's Mate Refrigeration Mechanic
MMS  Machinist's Mate Shop Mechanic
MMSRE  Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Engine Operator
MMSRI  Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Instrument Maker
MMSRO  Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Outside Machinist
MMSRS  Machinist's Mate Ship Repair Inside Machinist
MMW  Machinist's Mate Watchmaker
MMW Machinists Mate, Non-Nuclear, Submarine Weapons

MN Mineman (1943-1947) (1948- )

MR  Machinery Repairman (1948- )
MS  Mess Management Specialist (1974-2004) (to CS)  
M  Metalsmith
ME  Metalsmith
MSRB  Metalsmith Ship Repair Blacksmith
MSRC  Metalsmith Ship Repair Coppersmith
MSRF  Metalsmith Ship Repair Forgers Anglesmiths
MSRS  Metalsmith Ship Repair Sheet Metal Workers
MEB  Metalsmith Blacksmith
MEG  Metalsmith Shipboard
MES  Metalsmith Sheet Metal Worker
MEW  Metalsmith Welder

MT  Missile Technician (1961- )

MU  Musician (1948-  )

NC  Navy Counselor
NC(CRF) Navy Counselor (Career Recruiter Force)
NC(FC) Navy Counselor (Fleet Counselor)
NCC Navy Counselor Career
NCR Navy Counselor Recruiter

ND Navy Diver (2006- )
NW  Nuclear Weaponsman (to GMT, WT)  
OM  Opticalman (1948-2004)  

OS  Operations Specialists (1972- )
OT  Ocean Systems Technician (E-9 only) (1970-1998) to ST OTA Ocean Systems Technician Analyst
OTM Ocean Systems Technician Maintainer
PC  Postal Clerk (1959-2010) (to LS)  
P  Photographer (1921-1942)
PhoM Photographer's Mate (1942-1948)
AF  Photographer's Mate (1948-1950)
PH  Photographer's Mate (1950-2006) (to MC)
APH  Aviation Photographers Mate (1948-52)
PHG  Photographer's Mate Cameraman
PHL  Photographer's Mate Laboratory Technician
PHM  Photographer's Mate Microfilm Photographer
PhM  Pharmacist's Mate (to HM) (1916-1948)  
PI  Printer (see LI)  
PICM  Master Chief Precision Instrumentman (E-9 only)  
PM  Patternmaker ( -2007) PMSRP  Patternmaker Ship Repair Patternmaker
PN  Personnelman (  -2005) (to PS) PNA  Personnelman Records Clerk
PNI  Personnelman Classification Interviewer
PNR  Personnelman Recruiter
PNS  Personnelman Personal Supervisor Women's Reserve
PNT  Personnelman Training Assistant
PNW  Personnelman Chaplain's Assistant

PR  Parachute Rigger (1942-1965)
PR  Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (1965- )

PS Personnel Specialist (2005-  )
PT  Photo Intelligenceman (1957-1975) (to IS)  

QM  Quartermaster
QMD  Quartermaster Dirigible
QML  Quartermaster Listening
QMN  Quartermaster Navigation
QMP  Quartermaster Pigeon
QMQ  Quartermaster Quartermaster
QMS  Quartermaster Signal
RD  Radarman (1943-1972) (to OS)  
RM  Radioman (1921-1999) (to IT) RMN  Radioman Radioman
RMT  Radioman Telegrapher
CYN Communications Yeoman (1964-c1974) (E-4 only)

RP  Religious Program Specialist (1979- )

RS  Retail Specialist (2019- )
RT  Radio Technician (to ET) RTSR  Radio Technician Ship Repair
SA  Special Artificer (  -1948)
SAD  Special Artificer Special Devices
SADMG  Special Artificer Special Devices Machine Gun Trainer
SAI  Special Artificer Instrument
SAITR  Special Artificer Typewriter and Office Equipment
SAIWR  Special Artificer Watch Repairman
SAO  Special Artificer Optical

SB Special Warfare Boat Operator (2006- )
SC  Ship's Cook (1893-1948) (to CS) SCB  Ship's Cook Butcher
St  Steward
StM  Steward's Mate
SD  Steward (1943-1975) (to MS)
SDG  Steward Cook
SDS  Steward Stateroom
SF Shipfitter (1901-1948) (to ME, FP) (1958-1972) (to HT) SFA  Shipfitter Aviation
SFCBB  Shipfitter Construction Battalion Blacksmith
SFCBM  Shipfitter Construction Battalion Mechanical Draftsman
SFCBP  Shipfitter Construction Battalion Pipefitter and Plumber
SFCBR  Shipfitter Construction Battalion Rigger
SFCBS  Shipfitter Construction Battalion Steelworker
SFCBW  Shipfitter Construction Battalion Welder
SFSRP  Shipfitter Ship Repair Pipefitter and Plumber
SFSRR  Shipfitter Ship Repair Riveters
SFSRS -Shipfitter Ship Repair Shipfitter
SFSRW  Shipfitter Ship Repair Welder
SFM  Shipfitter Metalsmith
SFP  Shipfitter Pipefitter ( -1948) (to FP)
SH  Ship's Serviceman (1943-2019) (to RS) SSMB  Ship's Service Man Barber
SSMC  Ship's Service Man Cobbler
SSML  Ship's Service Man Laundryman
SSMT  Ship's Service Man Tailor
SK Storekeeper (1916- 2009) (to LS or LSS) SKD  Disbursing Storekeeper ( -1948) (to DK)
SKV  Aviation Storekeeper (1943-1948) (to AK)
SK(CBS) - Storekeeper (Construction Battalion) (Stevedore)
SKE  Storekeeper Engineer
SKG  Storekeeper General
SKT  Storekeeper Technical
SM  Signalman (1921-1948 (to QM) (1956-2003) (to QM)  
SPCM  Master Chief Steam Propulsionman (E-9 only)  

SO Special Warfare Operator (2006- )

SoM  Soundman
SO  Sonarman (1943-1964)
ST  Sonar  Technician (1964-  )
STS  Sonar  Technician Submarine
SOG  Sonarman Sonar
SOH  Sonarman Harbor Defense
SOMH  Sonarman Harbor Defense
STG  Sonar  Technician Surface
SV Surveyor (1948-1959) (to EA)  

SW  Steelworker (1948- )
SWE  Steelworker Erector
SWF  Steelworker Fabricator
SWR  Steelworker Construction Rigger
SWS  Steelworker Structural
T Telegrapher (1926-1948) (to TE)  
TC  Turret Captain (1903-1948) (to GM)  
TD  Tradevman (Training Devicesman) (1948-1984) TDI  Tradevman Instructor Non-Aviation
TDR  Tradevman Repairman Non-Aviation
TDU  Tradevman Instructor Aviation
TDV  Tradevman Repairman Aviation
TE Teleman (1948-1962) (to RM or YN)  TEL  Teleman Communications Clerk
TEM  Teleman Mailman
TEP  Teleman Registered Publications Clerk
TEQ  Teleman Cryptographer
TET  Teleman Teletypist
TM  Torpedoman (1921-1942)
TM  Torpedoman's Mate (1942-2007) (to MM or GM) ?reactivation
TME  Torpedoman's Mate Electrical
TMO Torpedoman's Mate Operator
TMS  Torpedoman's Mate Special Torpedoes
TMT  Torpedoman's Mate Technician
TMV  Torpedoman's Mate Aviation

UT  Utilitiesman (1948- )
UTA  Utilitiesman Air Conditioning
UTB  Utilitiesman Boilerman
UTP  Utilitiesman Plumber
UTW Utilitiesman Water and Sanitation
WT  Watertender (1884-1948) to BT WTCB  Water Tender Construction Battalion
WT  Weapons Technician (1986-1995)  

Y  Yeoman
YN  Yeoman
YNS Yeoman Submarine (2017- )
YNS  Yeoman Stenographer
YNT  Yeoman Typist

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