American Navy Captains 1776

List of Captains in the Continental Navy in Order of Their Seniority as Established by Congress, October 10, 1776

Number Captain Ship
 1 James Nicholson frigate Virginia
 2 John Manley frigate Hancock
 3 Hector McNeill frigate Boston
 4 Dudley Saltonstall frigate Trumbull
 5 Nicholas Biddle frigate Randolph
 6 Thomas Thompson frigate Raleigh
 7 John Barry frigate Effingham
 8 Thomas Read frigate Washington
 9 Thomas Grinnell frigate Congress
10 Charles Alexander frigate Delaware
11 Lambert Wickes sloop Reprisal
12 Abraham Whipple frigate Providence
13 John B. Hopkins frigate Warren
14 John Hodge frigate Montgomery
15 William Hallock brig Lexington
16 Hoysted Hacker brig Hampden
17 Isiah Robinson brig Andrew Doria
18 John Paul Jones* sloop Providence
19 James Josiah no ship assigned
20 Elisha Hinman ship Alfred
21 Joseph Olney brig Cabot
22 James Robinson sloop Sachem
23 John Young sloop Independence
24 Elisha Warner schooner Fly

*December 7, 1775 Jones received his commission as first lieutenant.   With his skill and daring he was appointed to the rank of acting Captain and received a regular commission on August 8, 1776.  When reassigned from the Alfred to the Providence, his commission was reissued now dated October 10, 1776 placing him down the seniority list.  Jones and his supporters bitterly complained to no avail.