Marines and Sailors
A few collected historic images

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Presidents of the United States

John F. Kennedy
35th President

Lyndon B Johnoon
36th President

Richard M Nixon
37th President

Gerald R Ford
38th President

Jimmy Carter
39th President

George HW Bush
41st President


Fleet Admiral Ernest J King
in self designed gray
uniform at Potsdam 1945.

Fleet Admiral
 Chester W Nimitz

Fleet Admiral
William Halsey

Rear Admiral
David Farragut

Matthew Perry

Stephen Decatur

Medal of Honor

Ensign Edward O. McDonnel
Vera Cruz, 21-22 Apr 1914

Ltjg Butch O'Hare
(VF-3) 20 Feb 1942
President Roosevelt and
Admiral King   

Lt Clyde E. Lassen
(HS-7) 19 June 1968

Lt Thomas R. Norris
((SEAL) 10-13 Apr 1972

Lt. Michael E. Thornton
Nov 1972

BM1 James E. Williams
River Squadron Five
31 Oct 1966

HM2 David R. Raybr>22 Bn 11 Marines
19 Mar 1969/td>

A Few Officers

Commander Lloyd Bucher
Commanding Officer
USS Pueblo (AGER-2

Capt Cook USN c1898

Capt, Chaplain Corps
Yerba Buena Island, CA

Lt. John Phillips Sousa, USN

USS California

 H&S Battalion Staff
Camp H.M. Smith HI c1992

USS Coronado AGF-11 officers
Persian Gulf - Aug 1988

Naval Support Activity, New
Orleans Officers & visitors, c1983

Cdr B. H. Tillman, USN
Commanding Officer
USS Newport News (AK-3)
Mar 1913   

USS Sterling officers
Spanish-American War  

Ensign Annie W. Langford


 4th Marines in China c1940

 Prayer Warriors
Photo - Romeo Gacad

Marines, Nicaragua c1928
Fleet Marines WWI

Marine smash mouth football 

Marine Detachment
Navy Yard  

USMC football team  


George Gay, USN
Sole survivor of VT-8
in Battle of Midway
4 June 1942

VBF-80 Scrappers

Tophatters (VF-14)
with Charles Lindberg  

Capt. D. W. Bounds, USN
Former NAP (1938)

VB4 Officers on SB2C Helldiver
USS Exxex (CV-9) Ulithi Atholl

VF-23 USS Essex (CV-9) Korea

Lt. T. G. Ellyson USN
Naval aviator #1

Cdr B. H. Tillman, USN
and ship's boys
USS Newport News (AK-3)
Mar 1913 
Shipboard dirty work

Navy Life

Steel Beach Picnic
USS Iowa (BB-61)

20 pounder gun crew
Ships mascots

Gun turret two crew
USS West Virginia (BB-48)
Wash rack
Where are the clothes stops?

Flight Deck Liberty
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) c1981
E. Oleson Photo

Gun crew pose
USS Kennedy (CV-67)
JO3 Velde USN Photo

FT2 thinking of home
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) c1981  (Now CWO-3 USN RET)
E. Oleson Photo

USS Washington (ACR-11)
baseball team

Berthing compartment
before air conditioning

Dignitaries on the bridge of
USS Sarsfield (DD-837)
First twenty Navy nurses c1908

Yeomanettes July 1918

Yeomanettes gathered under
"men wanted" sign
New York 1919.

Bluejackets c1914 with pet

Working party
NAS Pensacola c1917

USS Mendota
Civil War gun boat 

USS Sappho c1918 

"Bert Deck Cooks"  1897
USS Oregon (BB-3)
USS JUNEAU (CL-52) Sunk at Guadalcanal 13 Nov 1942 with loss of 687 men including the  five Sullivan brothers.

George Thomas Sullivan, 27 GM2/c,
Francis "Frank" Henry Sullivan, 26 Coxswain,
Joseph "Joe" Eugene Sullivan, 24 Seaman 2/c,
Madison "Matt" Abel Sullivan, 23 Seaman 2/c,
Albert "Al" Leo Sullivan, 20 Seaman 2/c

USS Massachusetts (BB-2)

Gun Turret Crew? 1898
USS Iowa (BB-4)
Navy Airman, Pensacola
QM3 Sam Gardner
USS Des Moines (C-15)

Deck tattoo artist

Spud detail
USS Arkansas (BB-33) c1910

Anti-aircraft gun crew

Bluejacket and 13" Gun
USS Chicago 1900

Ship's boys
USS Newport News (AK-3)
Mar 1913   
Deck force
USS Connecticut (BB-18)

Chief Petty Officers and Boatswain Mate First Class, USS Texas - Second Class Battleship
Chief's Mess
USS Florida (BB-30)
Signal Bridge
USS Florida (BB-30)
Acey Ducey game
USS Arkansas (BB-33) c1912

Burial at Sea
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) 1980

Burial at Sea
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) 1980

Burial at Sea
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) 1980

Burial at Sea
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) 1980
Master at Arms delivers flag to
Commanding Officer

Burial at Sea
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) 1980

Burial at Sea
USS Yellowstone (AD-41) 1980

USS New York (ACR-2)

"Bert Deck Cooks" 1899
USS Brooklyn (ACR-3)

Recruiting and Recruits

Mobile recruiting Miami.

RTC San Diego CA
Drum & Bugle Corps, Jan 1972
[Images Below]
USS Recruit
,  New York City

In 1917 the U.S. Navy built a full-size battleship in Union Square, New York. It would stay there for the next three years.
Intended as a recruitment and training center, the ship was commissioned as a normal seagoing ship, under the command of Acting Captain C. F. Pierce, and manned by trainee sailors from Newport Training Station. Internally the ship had a wireless station, full officer's quarters, doctor's quarters and examination rooms to assess the health of potential candidates.

Constructed from wood, the USS Recruit carried two cage masts, a conning tower and a dummy funnel, or smokestack. It had six wooden replicas of 14-inch (360 mm) guns housed in three twin turrets, 10 wooden five-inch (130 mm) anti-torpedo boat guns and two replica one-pound saluting guns, matching the configuration of battleships of the time.

According to the August 1917 edition of Popular Science, the Recruit followed the normal navy routine. Sailors rose at 6 a.m., scrubbed the decks, did their laundry, and attended instructional classes. They then stood guard over the ship and were available to answer questions from visitors. By night, all the ship's lights were turned on, including a series of searchlights.

The ship hosted a variety of social events and receptions, including a christening, patriotic speeches and visits by various dignitaries, a group of Native Americans and the woman's motor corps.

As a recruiting tool the ship was very successful, helping to recruit 25,000 men into the U.S. Navy.

The First World War ended in 1918, and by 1920 the Recruit was no longer needed in Union Square. It was properly decommissioned and dismantled, with the intention of relocating it to Coney Island's Luna Park. This did not happen and the fate of the Recruit is unknown.   (Source: Library of Congress)