Enlisted Navy Uniforms, Markings circa 1917

Enlisted rating badges blue uniform
1 Chief Master-at-Arms
2 Boatswain's Mate, First Class
3 Gunner's Mate Second Class
4 Quartermaster Third Class  
Chief Petty Officer in White Uniform
-One service stripe (Over four years service)
-Non Seaman branch (Rating badge on left arm) 
Chief Petty Officer in Blue Dress uniform
-Two service stripes (Over eight years service)
-Seaman branch (Rating badge on right arm)
-Square knot below rating badge (former apprentice)

Boatswain's Mate First Class in Dress Blue uniform
-Seaman branch (Rating badge on right arm)  
Seaman in Peacoat
Chief Petty Officer in Overcoat 
Seaman in White Dress Uniform 
Seaman in White Undress Uniform 
Seaman undress blue uniform with white hat 
Seaman in dungaree uniform; in flannel shirt with watch cap
Enlisted specialty marks
1 Master-at-Arms
2 Boatswain's mates, coxswains
3 Quartermasters
4 Blacksmiths, ship fitters
5 Sailmakers' mates
6 Printers
7 Carpenters' mates
8 Turret captains
9 Gunner's mates
10 Storekeepers
11 Yeoman
12 Electricians
13 Machinists' mates, boiler makers, water tenders
14 Hospital Corps (red)
15 Bandmasters, musicians
16 Commissary stewards 
  Enlisted specialty marks
17 Ship's cooks, bakers
18 Bugler

Distinguishing Marks
(Right sleeve midway from shoulder to elbow)
19 Seaman-gunner
20 Gun-captain
21 Gun pointer
22 Navy E
23 Expert rifleman
24 Radio operator
25 Torpedoman
26 Ex-apprentice 
Officer Uniforms and Insignia 1917 
Reference: Uniform Regulations United States Navy, 1913 (Revised to January 15, 1917),
Washington DC, Government Printing Office, 1917