Picture, Poster and Patches Sources

[Offsite Links] does NOT sell insignia, posters or pictures.  A search of the internet using or other first line search engine will reveal a number of dealers.  Here are a few links to check.  Most patches and posters offered are reproductions.  Originals are rare and costly. has no business connection with these firms and does not endorse or vouch for their service.

 - Aviation patches gone wild. Lots of specific cruise patches if you want to be reminded. - Some vintage stock and fair pricing. Former submariner has all the U.S. submarine patches. - LJ Militaria sells vintage original patches and collectible military gear. Shares patch scans with Bluejacket. - USMC aviation insignia galore. Kind enough to let add some missing squadron patch scans.
Military-Graphics - Jim, USN retired, turns any patch or military emblem into a vinyl decal for a reasonable price - Excellent selection of reproduction aviation patches - Chief McGrogan carries an outstanding stock of small unit insignia - brown water Navy specialist.  - USCG retiree with the best selection of Coast Guard items.  Check Rex's reference book on USCG patches. - All services, a bit of everything and well organized.
Barewalls Posters and Prints -A bit of everything. - Affordable reproductions. - Nice originals at a price.

Pictures - DoD information. Mostly pics of back slapping bigwigs giving each other bonuses.  - National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  Patience will yield amazing results.  - Naval Institute picture library has all U.S. Navy ship photos back to 1900 for a fee
Library of Congress - Hidden treasures for the history buff if you dig.
National Naval Aviation Museum - Buehler Library holds over 500k U.S. naval aviation photos and on request will provide a limited number of digital scans via email.

Auction sites rarely sell authentic patches and posters.  Use caution!  Most patches and posters are reproduction.  In some cases patches made long after the unit is history, or patches for fictious units are listed and marked "rare".  Reputable dealers disclose products that are reproductions or memorials.