Links of Merit

Naval History

Naval history - The official USN history site
Marine Corps history - The official USMC history site
Coast Guard history - The official USCG history site
Medal of Honor citations - MOH awards for all branches of service
Dictionary of American Navy Fighting Ships (DANFS) - Ship histories through 1980.
  NavWeaps History and Technology - Excellent source of the history of naval technology. 
Naval Aviation History - USN Naval Historical Center 

Frequently Asked Questions

Official Navy Subject Index - A list of official USN web pages
Naval Vessel Register - Ships of the active and reserve fleet U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy Fact File - Ships, aircraft, weapon systems and people
Navy Information - Starting place for general info on the Navy
Navy terminology A - M - Slang, jargon and other salty sailor talk
Navy terminology N - Z - Ditto
(WARNING - Sailor speak is graphic, NOT politically correct, and will be offensive to many.)
Military Personnel Records - National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
information on service records
  Veterans Benefits for Seniors - Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)
American Battle Monuments Commission - Listings of U.S. war dead from Mexican War
through Vietnam
  Blue Angels Show Schedule Navy Flight Demonstration Team schedule

Naval Museums

National Naval Aviation Museum - Sea service aviation history
Maritime Museums - Robert Smith's online guide
  USS Hornet (CV-12) - A worthy tribute.

Sea Service Sites - Coast Guard site from web bosun
  Naval Air Patches - Fine collection of patch reproductions by SCPO Jean-Lou Planty
  Marine Corps Aviation Association - Great USMC aviation images and links
VP Navy - Patrol squadrons A to Z
Pop A Smoke - USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association
USS Indianapolis (CA-35) - Excellent site dedicated to the memory of the Indianapolis
  Joe Bauger's Aircraft Serial Numbers - Match naval aircraft and Bureau Numbers,
some a/c dispositions
  Go Navy  - Japanese site with great U.S. Navy aircraft images and information - Cdr Weenick's documentation of various BJM editions
  US Navy Rigid Airships  Well researched history of the Navy's rigid airship program

Sea Service Merchandise

  Bluejackets Manual, 25th Edition (2017)
  Bluejacket - Good military reading recommendations and book search
  US Navy Reading List - Official reading list
  Pictures, Posters and Patches - We don't sell them but here are a few
off site sources that may help