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Navy Life Do-It-Yourself Kit

Follow these easy instructions with the aid of your family and friends to recreate the untold joys of life aboard ship.   Continue

Naval Aviation

Basic birdman wisdom from Naval aviation
Aircraft Nicknames
Gripes and Grins 

Real Chief Petty Officers

Real Chiefs. Think Ensigns should ...      Continue

Military Communications

The story goes that in order to discover why the various branches of the military have problems in communicating with one another the Secretary of Defense called together a panel of four eager O-3's    Continue

Miscellaneous Naval Humor

Assorted Wisdom.
Shipboard Newbie Go'fer Lines.
Engineer's Dictum.    


Cartoons   Continue

Marine Corps Wisdom

The Rules of Combat.  
Six Phases of a Military Operation.
USMC and USN Rules of Engagement.